My name is Brandon. I'm from Chicago and I go to school in Missouri. Intersectional feminist/womanist and proud.

I'm 22 and an English and Sociology major. I study critical theory and linguistics with a side of social inequalities.

I dig a lot of things in this world. A few of them would include piercings, tattoos, video games, and heavy music.

I'm a very nice person, and i do pride myself on that; dont be afraid to say hey.

Met a mommy dom and her little boy at a bar tonight.

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Anonymous said: ok so im white and i really wanna use the n-word well im already using it but not in a derogatory way in a cool way i like jamming to little wayne and stuff was just wondering is there anyway a white person can gain access to using the n word without black people being offended like is there a certain amount of black friends i can have to be able to say it ? once again not being disrespectful just in a cool way


little wayne ? 

ok u want access to the word lemme huddle up with my ancestors real quick and come up with a solution bruh i got u right now

*whispering sounds*

pshwhwhwww “not derogatory he says”

pshwhwhwww “he actually spelled out little?? *group laughter*”

pswhwwhwhw “certain amount of black friends”

pswhhwwhwh “no no no in a cool way”

"ok i got the solution "pswhwwhwhhwhw"

pswhwhwhwh “you sure ? if he does that he will gain access?”

pswhwhww “ok ill let him know

ok sir im back :)  they said wrap your entire body in steaks, and go into a cage and lock yourself in with at least 13 tigers who have been deprived of food for 3 or more days then and only then will you be allowed to use the the n-word

have fun tell me how it goes :) I cant wait for you to be able to say the n-word with me we’re gonna have so much fun





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I have 567 followers, but like 1/4 of them are just really shitty porn blogs and I have no idea where they are all coming from.

I found Gordo from Lizzie McGuire’s blog. 


What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

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